Beauty of a Woman

$135.00 $125.00

Acrylic on Watercolor

Size A3

The income generated from selling his paintings is Nganga’s main source of earnings. Proceeds also help fund his philanthropic efforts. *Contributions are Tax Deductible


Sustaining a spinal cord injury can turn anybody’s life upside down. Now imagine dealing with an SCI in a country with limited medical care, no governmentKennedy-with-a-friend assistance and rare access to even a basic manual wheelchair. When Kennedy Nganga became a C3-4 incomplete quad after a diving mishap in 1992, he spent over two years in an orthopedic hospital ward before coming home. In the years after his accident, he would go on to become an accomplished painter. But his true calling may be his philanthropic work through the Momma Kennedy Mission, which empowers, educates, and helps Kenyans with disabilities find mobility equipment, food and clothing.

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New Mobility Life Beyond Wheels


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